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Childcare L2

Company Name:
Squirrels Nursery
Apprenticeship Framework/Standard:
Childcare Level 2
10 Sep 2019
Vacancy Type:
Working Hours:
Monday to Friday
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Main Purpose of Role:
To be a proactive member of a staff  who provides a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment in which babies and young children are supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential.
To offer full and practical support in the day to day running of the Nursery. 

Main duties of role:
Below is a list of tasks and responsibilities that you are obliged to fulfil in your role as an Early Years Practitioner. 

• To understand and respect the need for consistency of care for the children – report for duty on time, maintain regular attendance, give appropriate notice of holiday requests and report nonattendance through sickness promptly and appropriately. . 

• To assist in providing a safe, supportive and caring environment for young children in the care of Squirrels Nursery LTD; to ensure that all aspects of each individual child’s development are given full consideration. 

• To ensure that clean and hygienic standards are maintained at all times. This includes daily cleaning rotas, nappy changing and other nursery/housekeeping duties.

 • To maintain and follow all Health and Safety policies and procedures at all times. 

• To develop a thorough knowledge of all of the company’s operational policies and procedures; ensuring that they are followed and respected at all times. 

• To be fully up to date with the requirements of the “Early Years Foundation Stage” and ensure that your practice meets and aims to exceed the requirements.

• To follow all routines, duties, timetables, rotas, record keeping activities and any other reasonable duty as requested by your deputy or Nursery Manager.

 • To ensure that communication with children and the staff team is polite and courteous at all times. 

• To share relevant information and ensure that information passed between parents and staff is communicated to your deputy/Nursery Manager as appropriate. 

• To be an effective key person to those children assigned to you and to take on other assigned responsibilities, as requested and advised by your supervisor in line with knowledge and experience. 

• To maintain confidentiality about all issues related to children and their families; your own and other staff members issues and any other management or operational issues. 

• Involvement and enrolment in company training courses to be undertaken and completed which may, at various times, be outside normal working hours. 

• To be involved in developing and delivering a stimulating and creative atmosphere within the setting. 

• To provide staff cover within the nursery group periodically, as requested by the Management team. 

 • To attend staff meetings, professional development training and any other events as requested by your Nursery Manager.

 • To carry out any other reasonable additional duties as requested by your deputy and/or Nursery Manager from time to time. 

• To take responsibility for continued professional development by attending courses (in-house and external), receiving constructive feedback and reading relevant material.